Cancer is a horrible horrible sickness

My Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.
I ask if you come across this to please share this link. My Mom is very sick with stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer, and right now she cannot have the only two surgical options available because her tumor is still too big after Chemotherapy. They’re going to start her on a regimen of radiation 5 days a week on top of chemo, and medical expenses are piling up. My mom is too sick to work, and my Dad is working as much as he can, all while taking care of her. My mom spent her whole life taking care of her 4 children, home schooling us all, and then working evening shifts after my Dad got home from work to make ends meet. She always put everyone else’s needs above her own. She is fighting hard, but without the surgery the prognosis isn’t too good. She’s not even 48 years old yet.

We’ve started a Go Fund Me campaign in order to help with some of the bills that just keep piling in. If you can offer your prayers, donate anything, or just simply share this link I would be so very thankful!


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