Ideas are funny things.


In my mind I have created all of these great projects: Dolls, embroidery, Mobiles, sketches, photographs, and more. In my head I have this beautiful office/craft space that is neat and tidy, bright and airy. In reality I have a lot of day dreaming, and half papered wall, and a new desk chair still in the Ikea box. Basically not a lot of doing. Part of it is time. It’s amazing how much a 3 month old can occupy your day. Some days she just wants to nurse-what feels like- all of the time. I don’t mind too much, it’s nice to know I’m a comfort to her, and she wont be this tiny for long. The other reason is energy (see previous excuse) and the third is just plain laziness. Once I start a project I love to get lost in it…but getting there is sometimes a battle for me. I wish I knew why, but I really don’t. I’m writing this instead of sinking into a project. In fact, a nap sounds great. Naps always trump all.


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