The Little Easter Dress

DSC_2525There are quite a few baby patterns floating around the internet for free. When I was pregnant I tried a few out and this was one of my favorites. Its quick, easy, and adorable. I’ve sewn two; the second being for my cousin. The Pattern is “The Little Geranium Dress” by Made-by-Rae. You can purchase the dress is bigger sizes as well. (this is the free size 0-3 and fits my 12 week old perfectly, with a little wiggle room) There are also wonderful detailed instructions, which make it great for someone that might be a beginner. (Or has pregnancy brain, or lack of sleep with a newborn)

I decided to do Elastic loops instead of button holes. It was a little quicker, and also adds a bit of growth room in the dress. DSC_2552I used a contrasting fabric for the lining and pockets. I and also created an extra band on the bottom with the gingham fabric. DSC_2553


DSC_2550No dress is complete without the proper shoes, so I made the “Bitty Booties by Heather Bailey” Another awesome free pattern!DSC_2547DSC_2517

Baby clothes are so much fun. You can get away with so many different prints, combinations, and embellishments.


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