I’ve been a horrible blogger

I have these dreams of blogging daily (or at least several times a week) and have plenty I could share, I just don’t ever get around to doing it. Life has been really crazy the last few months, but I know they’ll settle down somewhat over the winter.

I’ve gotten a couple of fun baby related sewing projects done. I have instagram photos of them, but with this lack of daylight when I get home from work, I’m really bad about getting nice photos right now. My husband rigged himself a light box for photographing his 40K Models, and I’m thinking I should consider doing something on a larger scale. I’ll just add it to my never ending list of things to do!

Anyway, the outfits were all made using free patterns I found through Pinterest links. One of these days I’ll get around to sharing them, along with some reviews. Hopefully I can do that on Monday.

I’ve been cooking and baking a ton over the last few weeks, and I’d like to share those recipes too.

The baby’s room is slowly coming together. We got a crib from my sister-in-law that we plan to paint white, along with my husbands dresser from when he was a kid. The weather hasn’t cooperated much on the weekends for spray painting. I think my husband will have off of work on Friday, so maybe then he can get the painting done. I’m dying to have the room in order before my Baby Shower in two weeks.

It’s kind of crazy to think I’m 29 weeks pregnant now. I know February will be here soon enough. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I’ll admit that actually going into labor and giving birth is a little scary to think about. But I’m sure it’ll all be just fine in the end. It’ll be kind of surreal to get to actually hold Hazel. I can’t wait to see my husband with her. He’s so excited. 🙂

My whole daily routine will change once she’s here. Right now I drive about 250 Miles a week getting to and from work. All the driving really gets to me. I also don’t have proper weekends, which means Sunday is the only guaranteed day off my husband and I get to spend together. It makes it hard to get much done. (hence the nursery being a constant work in progress)

After Hazel is born, I wont be traveling for work any more. The commute is too long, and all my paychecks would basically go to Daycare which is



2) not my style of parenting

I finally broke the news to my boss last week, and he was very understanding. I’ll do some work for them at home (whenever they might need an ad, or whatnot designed)

and then I’ll fill in on occasion when someone is on vacation.

otherwise I’ll be doing freelance Graphic Design & Photography. I also hope to find a studio to teach dance classes in once a week, and hopefully I can devote time to pushing my Etsy Shop.

Basically I’ll be spending a lot of time taking care of Baby and working doing things that I love. Money will be tighter for a while, but it will be worth it in the end. I’m excited to start something new.

Also, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE DOWN THE SHORE!!! This has been a dream of mine since I can remember. We will be renting it out during the height of the summer, so it’ll be a new income source for us. I’ll devote a lot of time to listings and managing the summer rentals. I’m beyond thrilled to have my own home in my favorite shore town. I can’t wait to take Hazel to the beach and give her an opportunity I dreamed of as a child.

My Husband and I had our first wedding anniversary yesterday! This year has been so wonderful and filled with countless blessings.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been a horrible blogger

  1. No, you haven’t been a horrible blogger. Real life gets in the way for everyone sometimes. 🙂

    I will be interested to hear how the freelancing goes after the baby is born–I’m not currently pregnant myself, but whenever my husband and I do have kids, we already know that we want me to stay home with the baby. But I am still planning on continuing teaching music lessons and all, so it’ll be good to hear from someone else in a creative field who is doing something similar!

    • I’ll definitely let you know how it goes! I expect it to be a bit challenging in the beginning while I establish myself a bit more, but I really feel that it will be worth it in the long run.

      It’s nice have the creativity to rely on. Just like you can with teaching music, it allows for some flexibility in life. My husband’s work schedule varies week to week, so it’ll be great to somewhat flexible together.

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