Rambling thoughts.

I had a nice productive weekend. Sunday, After Mass and a really nice breakfast with friends from church,  my Husband and I went to Ikea and bought Baby a changing table, curtains, a hamper, window shades, a throw rug, and some little storage baskets. I’m itching to get the nursery together.  I took a glorious half hour nap, and then went to my In-Law’s for a belated birthday dinner in my own honor. My Mother-in-Law in a fabulous cook, so I always look forward to her meals.

When we got home Louis was busy painting away at his 40K miniatures. I felt like a little snack, so I made Hot Chocolate since it was chilly, and sat down with a book, and a blanket. It was so nice and cozy that I started to get sleepy (well, I’m always sleepy now) and zonked out on the couch until about midnight. Oops.

Louis has a Milk Allergy (It makes his esophagus clench, it’s really scary) so I decided to try and make hot chocolate using Chocolate Almond Milk, which is what he usually puts in his cereal.

I just made it according to the directions on the Dutch process Cocoa and swapped out the regular milk. It was really creamy and delicious. I did add about 1/3 cup of water to thin out the almond milk just a tad so the chocolate would dissolve a little easier. I probably wont ever make it with regular milk again. It was quite tasty.


Monday I had so much energy. It was amazing. I actually went the entire day without a nap! (maybe those 2 naps the previous day had something to do with that….) I managed to go to Marshalls, Shop Rite, walk to the post office, get some things at Walmart, start cleaning the spare bedroom for baby, wrapped a gift basket I put together for a bridal shower I’m going to this weekend, hung shades and a mirror, made a delicious chicken recipe up on the fly, and even found a little time to read The Coo Coo’s Calling. 

I picked up a cute cardigan at Marshall’s. Since it doesn’t button, I just bought a size larger than I usually wear in a Misses. It’s nice buying things I can wear when I’m not pregnant too.


Sorry for the Instagram mirror shot. I have not mastered photographing myself with a DSLR. I can barely do it with my iPhone. 

I was then dragging all day yesterday and could barely get a little sewing project on a throw pillow started. So much for that awesome energy sticking around.

I get to see Baby Hazel again tomorrow! At least we’re counting on it still being Hazel. at 14 weeks, I asked when we could find out the sex. I was told by the technician that, “sometimes you can tell now…especially if it’s a boy….it doesn’t look like a boy.” I guess that only leaves one other thing, right? Ha!

Then at 18 weeks she said again that it looks like a baby girl, but we would confirm at the anatomy scan in 2 weeks…So we’re about 99% sure we’re having a Baby Girl. I’ll be pretty surprised if I’m told otherwise tomorrow. Then I’ll have to return the pink linen curtains my hubby wont let me open just yet! =P

As I’m sitting at my desk with nothing to do at work, I keep dreaming up all of these things I want to get done at home. I want to spruce up my office space/craft corner to something more inspiring and less wood paneled and 1970’s feeling. It’s pretty blah right now, and not totally efficient. I’m thinking temporary wallpaper will be the solution to the paneling. I also want to paint the door with chalkboard paint, and get some more storage options in there.

When Baby comes I’m going to take some time to try and freelance with Graphic Design and Photography. My 250 miles of driving per week wont work once Hazel is here. I can’t afford a baby sitter, and that’s not really my style.

Hopefully I’ll have a proper website up and running soonish. It’s on my never ending list of things I would be doing if I was home and not crazy tired most of the time when I get home. =)


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