Nursery Ideas


When we had the apartment bedrooms painted while we were planning our wedding, we chose green for the spare bedroom. Partly because we didn’t know what else to pick, and also because it’s gender neutral. We planned for the room to eventually become a nursery. Of course in the world of Pinterest, I have seen a million nursery color schemes that I fell in love with. None of which included green. Rather than drive my husband crazy, I decided to embrace the green and pair it with pink.

I’ve found some awesome temporary wallpaper by Simple Shapes, in really fun patterns. I want to do one wall this way to break up the green a bit. I’ve ordered a bunch of samples from them (5 for $5!) and will make a decision soon. So far I’m leaning towards the bird houses that I’ve put in my inspiration picture. My Sister-in-Law is giving us the crib she used for her kids.

My sister has offered to make me some illustrations in the style of Gyo Fujikawa’s work in a Child’s Garden of Verses, which I will proudly display in the room.



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